Search engine that helps protect animals!

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How does it work?

Every time you search for something through our search engine, a substantial portion of our advertising revenue goes to supporting animals.

What we do with profit?

The money will be used especially to support shelters for dogs, cats and other animals but also to develop other software to support veganism in general.


Here are the transparent accounts of the dog shelters that we support: (search "vegee")
Shelter for dogs Tachov
Shelter for dogs Hodonin

Why use our search engine?

Help animals

You can help the animals without having to pay anything at all.

Easy to use

With our Chrome extension, you automatically help with every search on new tab.

Search options

Of course, you can choose from the most famous search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing with one click.

Friendly support

If you have any questions or want to get more involved, do not hesitate to contact us.